Hollywood has been adapting more comic book stories into movies now more than ever. One of the best sources of great comic book-inspired movies is that from Marvel Comics. Now people who are non-comic book fans are now getting more curious and interested about their favorite superheroes beyond the movies. So the question now is how can they learn more about these characters? Well, there are a number of ways to remedy such cravings. While one can always purchase the actual comic books to read for themselves, one always has the option to let other people read comic book stories for them.

Comicstorian is a Youtube channel that brings phenomenal comic book titles to life by summarizing and dramatically reading them to any interested parties online. If you are looking for more stories about Hulk besides 2003’s Hulk, 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers films but don’t have the time and resources to purchase and read comics, then Comicstorian has something for you. Comicstorian brings one of the most popular Incredible Hulk comic book stories to life thru their dramatic reading of the World War Hulk story line; a story of vengeance of a scorned and outcast Hulk by the very same people whom he considered as friends and fought besides with in the past.