The Earth hosts a wide variety of creatures which are both big and small in size. Most of these animals are quite familiar to us and became part of our daily normal human lives, but sometimes there are a number of them that still fascinate us, even scare us. The depths of our bodies of water have featured some of these rare and bizarre creatures, but did you know that we have a number of them in land as well, and they are not your average size animals.

Take the list on “10 Insects You Won’t Believe Actually Exist” as it features insects which ranges from the creepy to the deadly. It is quite fascinating to watch this video as one of the insects is a creation of man himself, thanks to hybridization gone array. An experiment that has led to various reported killings made by the insect. The world is already weird enough, and then man comes along to intervene to create an even more terrifying threat. What are your thoughts on the insects featured on the list?