We are now here sitting in front of a computers looking at various top ten, five, or fifteen list, but not very long ago we live in a different time under different circumstances; a different class system. What still remains as we speak is a class system that separates the rich from the poor; that keeps the employers from the employed. One can argue that it is a system that works, while others say it keeps the power in a few selected families who have gained benefit from the system.

Take the “10 Richest Kids” as it list down a list of the richest kids from actors to actual children who have earned their richest in actually doing something. Most in the list has already rich parents to begin with and are simply living luxurious lives. We all know that there are other kids on the list that didn’t made the cut especially private citizen like sons and daughters of billionaire businessmen. What do you think of the kids featured in the list?