If one can think of it, he definitely can make it happen. Man’s curiosity and ingenuity has given us various inventions that has become part of our daily lives. If not for the early inventors, we wouldn’t have machines that help us in our daily lives; machines like the vending machines.

Vending machines mainly dispense packaged snacks, bottled water or branded sodas but did you know that there are selected machines that dispense some pretty peculiar items. From a vending machine that dispenses beetles to undergarments, this is what is featured on the “15 Weirdest Vending Machines Ever”. Well, there is no surprise that Japan has once again made a list of weird things; weird in a good way this time. What do you guys think of the items dispensed by these odd boxes of wonders? Do you think they that should been adapted by the general populace? Share your thoughts about the list and let us know what you guys think.