Culture greatly plays a big role in the life of any man, especially with woman. In a more patriarchal system of Japan, it is expected that a woman is expected to focus more on the responsibility of taking care of the family and the home, while the husband’s responsibility is mainly to provide for them. While this is what is generally expected and is happening, there are some situations that break this mold. A situation where there is a need for both parents to work or the mother to take the responsibility of a man, but still requires functioning as the homemaker.

What is it like to be a hardworking career woman and mother at the same time in Japan? A preview of what it is like to be one is featured in this thought provoking video. A video about the life of a hardworking Japanese career woman and how she deals with taking care of their child. A video that makes her contemplate and answer a question from her son, “Mommy, are you okay?”