Life is beautiful and awesome, but somehow people seem to still find a way to turn life into something horrendous. What we are referring to is one of man’s greatest invention and downfall, war. As to why man should result to armed conflict rather than peace talks, is something way beyond us. Why should ordinary people suffer because of the war of the powerful? But should we then allow the pointless death and not do a thing about it? The answer is an astounding no.

This is why countries still need to go toe-to-toe with countries who may very shift their gaze outside their countries thorn by war; thus, the development of futuristic military technologies. Take the “10 Frightening Future Military Technologies” as it lists down some current military technologies that may soon be fully perfected in aid of the war against pointless killings brought by war. Let’s all just hope that it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. What do you think about the items on the list?