The animal kingdom is quite a massive a kingdom. This is where we are able to find out which animals can co-exist with one another and which ones cannot. This is where we can identify what animals can be domesticated and which ones should be left out on the wild. But circumstances have change as time passed. Animal numbers started to dwindle; dwindle until their untimely extinction. What as we humans, being the superior of among all the animal kingdom? The answer is to take care of them.

This is probably why we have made various sanctuaries, shelters, and even zoos; to take care of animals. Although people may argue that we are taking such seemingly wild animals from their natural habitat, there is certain usefulness in doing so. Some animals are kept to keep their specie preserve, while others are used to bring happiness to those who need them. Take the “Cheetah and dog friends celebrate anniversary together at Busch Gardens Tampa” video as it features the camaraderie of two unlikely animals, a cheetah and a dog.