There are so many questions and mysteries yet to be solved in the world we are living in. Does this mean that we should never look for answers? The answer is a big NO. We have Science for that. It is a good thing that we have Science to help us get through with life as it answers some most of these questions ultimately providing great assistance to mankind. There are some new discoveries, and research, while some are genetically modified to serve specific purposes.

Take the “10 AMAZING Creatures Created by Science” as Matthew Santoro lists down animals created or genetically modified to serve either research or a specific purpose. From genetically modifying pests that terminates its own specie to a glow-in-the-dark pet, the list provides some of the best and highly questionable actions taken by Science. We can all agree that humankind can benefit from some of the animals featured in the list, but we are curious as what you think.