Everything starts from somewhere; including us, humans. The whole process of creating and bringing forth a child is both marvelous and awe inspiring. Who knows what the future will hold for the newborn human experiencing its first outside the womb of its mother? There are tons of possibilities and at rare cases, such child may very well grow up to be someone popular; a popular celebrity.

So what do these celebrities do in turn? Well, they get to be shown at how various animals give birth to their own children. This is what BuzzFeed did with the “Celebs Watch Animal Birth For The First Time”. Catch the favorite artists watch animals giving birth to their offspring for the first time to see their precious reactions. At the end of the day they are as vulnerable as any of us, only way busier; busier to watch some seemingly normal videos that most of us have already enjoyed watching in videos all these times. Have you seen animals giving birth videos? What do you think about them?