No human being can live without food. As time passed by, humanity has learned to develop various recipes of things they prefer to eat or ingest that would cater to their own unique culture, lifestyle, or preference. With so many countries out there, it would almost take us forever to name and even try each and every dish, dessert, or beverage they have to offer. Why not start with a specific one? Let’s start with a manageable sample of coffee.

Take the “Coffee Around The World” as BuzzFeedBlue features a list of the different coffee enjoyed around the world. It is already great to have information about each country’s coffee, but BuzzFeedBlue has brought more; it also included the recipe and procedure on how you can have a piece of that unique coffee right in the comforts of your very home. What do you think of the coffee recipes featured on the list? Will you try them all out? Which one are you looking forward for?