What do you think of the bikini car wash? Faced with the same situation, how would you have reacted? I’m quite sure most people would react the same way – feel like they were cheated out of something nice just because another guy with a flashy car arrives on the scene.

The restroom prank was also crazy but the TV seller prank was perhaps the craziest and funniest clip in this compilation.

The Gag Show

Just for Laughs Gags is a popular show known for its craziest, very believable pranks.

The show would really make you laugh at the gags – if you are on the other side of the screen, anyway. Those who are being pranked are usually too confused or shocked to see the humor in the situation until they are told that they are actually being pranked.

Now, it is not good to generalize things but surely you would agree with me that a lot of men enjoy seeing girls in sexy outfits. For that reason, the pranks in this compilation were mostly successful.

The show, Just for Laughs Gags, creates fun pranks – though some might seem a bit mean but they make sure to inform the parties involved what really happened.

So, which of the pranks was the funniest?