We are living in a world of wonders; both simple and complicated. We have come a long way in making sense on how the world generally works and how we relate to it. We are still in the age of information and people of various fields are still finding ways on discovering and improving technologies benefiting mankind. But did you know that not long ago this age of science and technology with its many advancements was considered to be a big form of competition by opposing nations; a seemingly “cold” war.

On the other hand, some have formulated various conspiracy theories that attempts to give a different take on what is generally told to everyone to be true. To whether these conspiracy theories are true or not are yet to be proven, but some actually can be possible. With that in mind, how have we been fooled if so? Take the “5 Conspiracy Theories About Space” as it lists down the conspiracy theories about space that was present during the Cold War or Space wars.