When a family got a new dog, a cute little Shorkie puppy, they introduced it to their baby. YouTube user Shorkie Puppies dubbed the event as “Wicket the Shorkie vs Baby Sophie in a Battle of Cutenesss”.

At first, it appeared that the dog was copying the baby’s language as they talked but a short while later, it was the baby who was making monosyllabic responses similar to the dog’s bark. The two looked so cute together as they made conversation – whatever they were talking about, we will never know but they seemed to have understood each other perfectly fine.

According to the YouTube user, Shorkie puppies are non-shedding and are hypo-allergenic, making them the perfect pet for a family with little kids. As a toy breed, these small dogs would be great for the kids to play with – and as the video showed, to make conversation with.

Cuteness overload, certainly.