While having dinner in their home, a family is silent because the two sons kept on texting and using their smartphones.

The head of the family watched his boys concentrating on their phones. He asked one to pass the salt but was given pepper because the young man simply pushed the item towards his dad without even checking if he was giving the right one.

In retaliation, the dad brought his trusty old typewriter to the table, banging and clacking at it like a deranged typist.

You could just imagine the shock it brought to his sons – after all, who uses typewriters these days, anyway? Plus he was making so much noise that it would be impossible for them not to pay attention.

The confused boys tried to get his attention but he gave them a dose of their own medicine by not immediately answering.

The clip ended with “Pass the salt”, referring to his first request for his son to pass the salt but the young man was not paying attention.