There are so many talented people out there. Some excel in the field of acting, dancing, singing, sports, theater, etc. It is always fascinating and awe-inspiring to see such talented individuals in their zone. There once was a time that the only way for any of us to witness such feat is to watch them on various television shows or attend exclusive venues to see their actual live performance. Now we have the internet for that. Online video sharing websites like Youtube has helped ushered in new talents, and more performances from favorite artists.

Take this video from the very talented Darren Espanto as he performs Sia’s Chandelier on Wish FM 107.5. Darren Espanto, a very talented young man is able to hit the high notes from a piece initially performed by a woman (Sia) so efficiently and so effortlessly. He did all of this while sitting down and performing with such conviction and passion that you can’t help but be impress by such performance.