Pranks are a great way to have fun. There are some pranks that go over the top and are highly questionable, but for every such cringe inducing pranks there are those that just make you laugh so hard. From our immaturity days as a kid playing pranks at friends to a highly commercialized one like prank themed television shows, no one can get wrong with pranks as a form of entertainment. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t actually happen to us.

Take for instance the “Door knocking is so last century. See how we got rid of them.” as a team of pranksters set up to prank those annoying door knocking agents selling you unnecessary stuff. A fantasy themed prank that lets you laugh so hard as they prank and shoo away those unknowing agents who in one way or another wish we could have done the same. But alas we found out that this was all part of a marketing campaign; a very catchy and interesting tactic if I may add.