Here’s another awesome singer we can all be proud of: new YouTube sensation “Bunot”!

If you haven’t heard him yet, then you’d best watch these videos to acquaint yourself with this man who sings like Michael Bolton.

What’s even more amazing about Bunot is that he is very down-to-earth and simple yet his voice is jaw-dropping awesome!

It was nice of his friends to videotape him while singing – and he was unaware of that! Anyway, they posted the videos on YouTube…and the rest, they say, is history.

The videos quickly became a hit and he is now considered one of YouTube’s newest singing sensations. As we already know, Ellen DeGeneres seems to like this bunch of people.

So, it was not very surprising that Bunot reportedly got an invite from Ellen – but isn’t it great? I mean, not all YouTube sensations get invited on Ellen. Good luck, Bunot! We’ll be waiting for your Ellen guesting.