Movies are one of the best sources of entertainment out there. They either have good production value or not. Even if a film does have it, it doesn’t guarantee that the film is going to be positively received by the usual critical movie going audience. Script, director, the cast, the music, and the editing are some of the many factors that can break or make a film.

This time, let’s focus more on a film’s cast. Actors can make the most low-budget of film stand out or breaks the highest-budgeted one if poorly acted on. Since they are the ones who is always seen on-screen, it is crucial that they bring to life the characters they are portraying. In order to do so, actors sometimes need to go out of line and improvise taking liberties from the script that they were initially asked to deliver from. Doing such may very well change the scene to a more powerful one, thus making a film more memorable. What do you guys think of the scenes included in the 10 Amazing Improvised Movie Moments?