The world is a truly mysterious place. As much as we want to point our fingers on things, we just can’t explain them at times. Some things in this world are too hard to comprehend and what we end up doing is to make up stories and pass them as the truth. These are what we now know as superstitious beliefs and old wives tales which are impractical, illogical, and irrational. This is why some of these mysteries have been debunked individually as time passed by.

Although most of these ridiculous superstitious beliefs and old wives tales have been debunked by the academic and scientific community, some still are circulating. Take for instance the examples provided in “Top 15 Lies You Were Told As A Kid” where some of the things that taught of us as a child is still widely spread because of the simple reason that they are easier to explain to kids. How about you, what were the lies told to you back when you were still a kid?