Science has given us so much convenience and advancements in life. It brings to light some previously misconceived notions and understanding about our own body and the world we live in. There are various things that most of us tend to not understand and while Science may have been instrumental in uncovering such mysteries, it is still not free from evil; evil in the form of human experimentation.

Take the “10 Creepiest Science Experiments” as it lists down some of the most public and horrific experiments for the sake of science and bringing forth potential studies that may very well be useful for future generations. An unchained and unsupervised Science is dangerous, immoral, and unethical. Aren’t we so lucky that we are no longer subjected to such horrific scientific experiments? Or are we? What do you guys think of the creepiest scientific experiments that made the list? What are the limits of scientific experimentation to you for the sake of humanity? Share your thoughts and let us know.