There are things in this world that money can’t buy; but how about those that can be bought? Money, as the saying goes makes the world go round. From our most basic of necessities (needs) to our most superfluous wants are all powered by money. When people have money, it is only natural that people spend them on things. It is beyond any of us on how those people use that money; some decide to save it, other to start a business, while others enjoy the many luxuries in life (food, travel, etc.). But there are some who prefer to take it up a notch higher; a notch weirder.

Take “5 Most Extreme Haunted House Attractions In America” as it featured some of the most infamous but legal extreme haunted attraction in the US. This is not the kind that gives you scares as these attractions makes you sign waivers making all the things that they will do to you as legal. What do you think of this kind of entertainment?