There will always be a genre of music that will cater to one’s personal preference. One may find relaxation in listening to ballads while another may find one in rock music. Various artists and studious throughout the years have made it possible to go beyond genres, making the same ballad relevant to rock music enthusiasts. One of such musical group which has done this is the Postmodern Jukebox team.

Take this rendition by Post Modern Jukebox of Celine Dion’s classic My Heart Will Go On featured and popularized in the movie Titanic back 1997. Although highly popular, not everyone seems to like the melancholic tone of the original. What the Postmodern Jukebox team did was to give it a more upbeat ring to it by adapting a vintage ’50s style to it as if it was sung by Jackie Wilson or Frankie Vall. How did you like this iconic music getting a postmodern jukebox treatment? Have you see other Postmodern Jukebox version of iconic song? What are your thoughts on it?