There are so many fascinating things in this world. Some are as simple as they can get while others remain still remain a mystery. From the very dawn of humanity, people have been trying to find ways to both live with such mysteries and learn more about mysteries. Thus the rise of various ideas and methodologies (ex. superstition, religion, and philosophy) that attempts to give some explanation regarding such mysteries.

Then the world entered the Age of Science and reasoning with most of the explanations brought by earlier methodologies that attempted to explain the “unexplained” has now been debunked. But that doesn’t mean that Science has all the answers already. There are still various unexplained phenomena and actual artifacts of the ancient world that still holds a great mystery. The “5 Mysterious Artifacts No One Can Explain” is a good example of that, but as new technology is being continuously developed, it wouldn’t be long until we may very well crack such mysteries.