According to one popular film, life is like a box of chocolate and you’ll never know what to get next. One might be born into a middle class family and must work his way to make a decent living for himself, while another may simply be born a prince and have everything handed to him in a silver platter. What we can all agree on is that we can never know how lucky we are until life changing something happens to us.

Take the “10 People Who UNBELIEVABLY Cheated DEATH!” as Matthew Santoro lists down ten actual real life cases that people have cheated and survived a seemingly inescapable and deadly situation. A recurring theme in the real life survival stories is: (1) they survived a seemingly deadly accident or tragedy; (2) survived for days and even extending to months; (3) survived with various damages in their body even to the point of decapitation. What do you guys think of these lucky individuals?