What do you think happens to a person who falls from a height of three stories? Whoever that person might be, he would surely be shattered from the impact, his body crushed. It would be quite hard for someone to survive such a fall – unless the ground was lined with thick mattresses or lush bushes to cushion the fall.

So, how did the man survive? Of course, it was not him who really jumped but a dummy thrown down while someone else dragged it away from the ground seconds after impact. Thus, the shoppers filmed by the pranksters were only able to see the man who appeared to have fallen from the third floor.

At some cases, he would be groaning and writhing on the ground but there were times when he simply got up and limped as he walked away from the spot.

The prank was quite funny, though the pranked people could have gotten a heart attack and subsequent nightmares from seeing the man fall to the ground from such a height!