The human brain hosts to a number of emotions mainly happiness, anger, sadness, worry, fear, and many more. Having such emotions brings out the best and worst of us; makes who we are. In relation, there are some things that will forever change our lives; sometimes for the better; while others, for the worst. Fear is one emotion that may very turn to phobia; phobia that could change our lives forever.

Take Coulrophobia or the fear of clowns. Generally people view clowns as entertainment but others think they are a source of fear. In some way those of us who don’t fear them, may very well think that having such fears is justified. Clowns have that painted smile which may hide their true intentions or emotions, and this is not helped by the entertainment industry as clowns have been depicted evil in film and television. Take the “Top 10 Scariest Clowns in Movies and TV” as it lists down these clowns that may very well be a Coulrophobe’s worst nightmare. What do you think of the clowns featured in the list? Share your thoughts and let us know.