Technology has come a long way. It has made man’s life much easier; ultimately aiding humankind with anything it needs assistance of. With the advent of new technology, one would think that claims of paranormal sightings and stories will end, but reality states otherwise. The paranormal is a tricky topic and its number one critic is the skeptic community. Skeptics generally say that there is a rational explanation for each and every paranormal claim and mostly have been debunked.

While most paranormal claims have been debunk, there seems to be newer and older video footage that still boggles the mind of the average viewer. To them such paranormal videos are enough evidence for them to consider believing. Take for instance the “5 Scariest Pieces of Paranormal Footage Ever Recorded” as it lists down some of these highly questionable videos. Is the paranormal real? Are these the best videos? What rational explanation do you think is behind some or all of these videos? Share your thoughts and let us know.