We were all children once in our lifetime. We were bold, irrational, fearless, and the world was our playground. Little did we know that with such innocence came a lot of worry from our parents. There are some actions that we did as children that slipped through their attention and were already too late once they knew what we were up to. Sometimes it broke their heart when they saw us in pain; sometimes be filled with glee at the sight of our funny and entertaining predicaments.

This is why cute children videos have become so viral as it reminds us of that time in our lives. A good example of this is the “Girl Covers Her Little Brother in Peanut Butter _Peanut Butter Baby” video; a Youtube clip that is just plain adorable and hilarious to look at. This potential viral video in the making leaves us with the questions like “How much of this was staged?” or if this was authentic, “Where was the mother when all of this took place prior?”