It is crazy, I know, but people are actually flocking to Cebu City Zoo to try their SNAKE massage! I wonder how they are able to stomach the cold, slithering reptiles on their bodies but the people in the video seemed to be cool about it.

The man enjoyed every moment of the snake massage, even going as far as asking the snake handlers to move the snakes so the weight could apply pressure to various parts of his body. He was not the least bit afraid that the snakes were heavy and strong enough to kill him – even one snake can do that job!

Thankfully, the snakes were fed before they were brought to the massage area just to make sure they do not feel hunger pangs, but these are natural predators! You can’t always predict what they would really do next. Creepy.

Trivia: Boa constrictors

Boa constrictors are not venomous, so they can’t paralyze their prey by simply biting on them. What they do is make a grab on that prey, then quickly wrap their body on it. They then constrict the prey, immobilizing it within their strong, slippery bodies.

Most prey stand no chance against these snakes.

So, you can just imagine how creepy the snake massage could actually be. Still, would dare try it?