There is always something so fascinating and wondrous when watching magic shows. As time progresses though, our fascination towards this special kind of performance seems to have waned which can’t be helped as various television specials like “Magic Expose” debunks and explains the grounded mechanics on how specific tricks. So what is left with magicians nowadays is to up their game and perform a magic that has not been debunked or not known by everyone .

Take this magic performance by Mat Franco in America’s Got Talent 2015 where he uses a spawning bottle trick to impress both the audience and the judge. How was he able to produce multiple bottles at the stage? Time is now ticking as people are now on the case trying to explain or debunk this spawning video trick. Do you think the genuine fascination is gone nowadays because people seems to no longer just sit back and relax and enjoy the show; that there is a need to explain and rationalize magic tricks? What do you guys think of his performance?