A crime is no laughing matter. Who would want their homes be robbed, their prized possession stolen, or their loved ones suffer a great deal of pain? Criminals are the scum of the Earth. This is why laws are passed and there is a need for brave men and women of various law enforcement agencies to apprehend such law breaking scums.

Reality is that there are very cunning criminal at large out there and made it as their life’s work. This is the biggest challenge that our law enforcement agents have to contend with, but luckily for every cunning devious criminal there are those that do the complete opposite. Check out TopTenzNet’s “Top 10 Stupidest Ways Criminals Got Themselves Caught” as it lists down just that. That amidst the crimes committed, one can’t help but feel relieved and laugh at how stupid some criminal can get. That we can laugh at them as justice will get finally serve. What do you think of the cases featured in the list?