Kayla Montgomery was an ordinary student with ordinary running skills – but would you believe that she became the fastest runner in their state and among the fastest in the country AFTER she got sick?

Even her coach would tell you she was just an ordinary runner who could barely make it to the team. So, what happened?

While playing another sport, Kayla collapsed and lost motor function on her legs. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that causes her legs to malfunction. For 8 long months she suffered from depression and the fact that she could barely control her movements.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself for the rest of her life, Kayla chose to change her outlook in life. She wants to live a meaningful life.

It was then that she took up running – she was lucky to have met a coach who understood how she felt and knew her goals, someone who pushed her in the right direction without having to push too hard.

Kayla improved from ordinary runner to varsity to training with the men’s team to winner of local, state and national races. Her coach would also be part of all her wins, literally, because he had to CATCH her at the finish line.

You see, although she was able to combat the illness using medication, it always comes back every time she runs. She loses feeling on her legs and would not know how to stop!