Life is usually pretty straight-forward but sometimes it isn’t. What initially seems to be either good or bad can change once one view something at a different perspective or understand the motivation of behind something in question. This kind of highly subjective topics have been dealt with by some movies, and while people tend to rally more on a film’s protagonist, sometimes it takes a new eye to see the flaws of a narrative; of the supposed plight of the film’s hero.

Take The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully where the creator attempts to justify or lawyer the main antagonist of the inspirational classic. Most of us have seen the Karate Kid and have drawn inspiration from it. But now that most of us have a certain “understanding” on how reality works, this different take on this beloved classic seems not too far-fetched; a fresh take on a classic movie villain and his motivation for doing so which could very well be false, but the justification on this video is interesting to watch nonetheless.