It is a well-known fact that there are things that money cannot buy. Some of which includes happiness, contentment, love, peace of mind, and so on. But what if you are given the opportunity to spend on something with a stupendous amount of money? Will you be buying properties, cars, clothes, jewelries, or other worldly possessions; or will you be taking the more practical route by investing it in business, the stock market, or other income generating sources? Hopefully you’ll be considering a little bit of both (with more emphasis towards the latter than the prior) as money may very well run out on indiscriminate spending.

For those people who actually have the capabilities to both spend and save, the only question now is what things will they still be buying after buying the most basic of one? That is what is answered in the things featured in the “10 Craziest Things Money Can Buy” video. What do you think of the items on the video?