Whether you are a child or an adult, there are things that need to be done. Unfortunately there are so many distractions and some bad habits that we think are helping but in reality, do the opposite. The question in our mind now is how can we boost our productivity? How do we get accomplish the task at the most efficient way? This is answered in BuzzFeedBlue’s video on “7 Brain Hacks To Improve Your Productivity”.

The BuzzfeedBlue video focus on some tip and tricks that will break some misconceptions and some bad habits acquired in the past. Some of us work with lights off, but quite the contrary, one should open up the lights when working to improve productivity. How about multi-tasking? A separate tab on your browser besides work (example is Facebook) should be closed to keep the mind focused at the task at hand. These are some of the great tips included in the video. What do you think of these things featured on the list?