The human anatomy is such a complex and remarkable thing to behold. A mere twitch of your toe may already have countless of external and internal processes which you may not be even aware of. Various fields of studies, science, and profession has been created just to understand its many complexities and mysteries; for the betterment of health and for the resolution of the imperfections, sickness, and disease found in the human body.

At the center of the human body is the brain. Nobody would argue that it is the main organ responsible for it all: our consciousness, intelligence, and how we generally function. But not everything is always what it initially seems. The human brain can interpret various things to a degree which may very well be the byproduct of our limited evolution. What is fascinating is how we can very well trick the human brain into reacting in a certain way by merely application of some patterns. What do you guys think of the things present in the 7 Mental Mind Tricks?