What videos do you prefer to watch? With so many videos becoming viral, there are so many of these that can entertain us, but generally, there is an inherent charm when looking at videos of children. Their innocence and adorableness is what usually melt the hearts of their parents and spectators alike. Then we have babies and toddlers who are just a carnival of fun. This is why baby videos online have become so viral and popular, well that is next to cat videos.

Take the video of “Twins Pretend to be Sleeping and Caught on Baby Monitor” where you will be both amazed and curious as to how these babies can do such a thing; that they are seemingly chatting with each other and the next, they are pretending to sleep. It makes you wonder sometimes if a movie like “Look who’s Talking” is a real thing or not. What do you think about these two babies acting the way they did?