There are so many unsolved mysteries in the world we lived in; also outside of it. While Science has continually debunked old myths and misconception about the world or the many things that mystified the human mind, it still has not provided us with all the answers we need. The next question is have the answers been found already and it is just being kept from us? If we ask that question, we are already started to venture in conspiracy theory territory.

Do you want to know some conspiracy theories? Take the “8 Most Widely-Believed Alien Conspiracy Theories” as it does what the title states. While most conspiracy theories are ridiculous at best, there can be some that are still widely believed to be true or speculated to have rational justification for its conception. Conspiracy theory is almost like a scientific theory; only that it is not fully backed up and recognized by notable scientific figures, studies, and research. They are usually dismissed by the sheer absurdity of the initial concept or the evidence provided, but is it really as those who dismiss it claims to be?